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Årsmöte 2017 – Minutes


16 February 2017 – at home of Annica Granlund

§1 Annual Meeting Opens
Current President Annie Falkenby opens the Annual Meeting, and establishes that 12 members are present. All have paid membership fees for 2017 and will therefore have voting rights. Annie announces that invitation to the annual meeting was sent to all members in a timely manner.

§2 Approval of Agenda
The agenda is approved. No submissions from any member were received.

§3 Election of President for meeting
Annie Falkenby was elected as President for the meeting Election of Secretary for meeting  Anna Lissnils was elected as Secretary of the meeting Appointment of two adjusters of the Minutes Annica Granlund and Monica Timm were elected as adjusters

§4 Annual Report 2016
Anna Lissnils reads the Annual Report from 2016 and all members approve.

§5 Financial Reports 2016
Lotta Bjuve reads and explains the results of 2016. Auditor’s Report is approved by Matthias Herkert and all members.

§6 Election of President for 1 year
Lotta Bjuve is elected as President for 2017

§7 Discharging of the Board 2016
All agree that the Board of Directors have discharged their duties in good faith and with appropriate diligence during 2016.

§8 Election of Secretary for 1 year
Annie Falkenby and Annica Granlund were elected as Secretaries for 2017

§9 Election of Treasurer for 1 year
Anna Lissnils is elected as Treasurer for 2017

§10 Election of additional board members
Stella Gedda, Monica Timm, Maria Ström, Annie Falkenby, Annica Granlund and Pernilla Hedin are elected as members of the board

§11 Election of Auditor for 2017
Victor Falkenby was elected Auditor for 2017

§12  Appointment of Members to the Nominating Committee Ewa Muscari and Monica Timm are elected for the Nominating Committee.

§13 Membership Fees for 2018
Member fees are to remain at $45. All members approve.

§14 Budget for 2017
Lotta Bjuve reads and explains the budget for 2017. An adjustment was made for possibly exceeding donations with an additional $1,000 if suitable recipient is found.

§15 Activites for 2017
Suggestions came up as follows; FilmFestival is under consideration currently, and no decision was made. Christmas Bazaar (along with SoN’s Bazaar, and possibly NATO-table again). A presentation for the Lydia Roper Home was decided for April 6th and a group of members committed. A ‘KidsNight’ for our Young Adults, Welcome-Lunch at Dish, Aviation Museum Pungo, Naval Carrier Ship, Eurovision Song Contest, AW/HH DownTown evenings, FullMoon Walks, Shark tooth hunt, Williamsburg/Hampton Lunch, Shooting Range, Chocolate Factory, Tubing, Winery/Wine Tasting, Mermaid Painting, FoodBank Volunteering/Norfolk Animal Care Visit, MovieNights to continue (with second one for the year on 2/21) GirlsNight/Karaoke at Annica’s 3/24

§16 Adjournment
The members thank Annie for her year as President. Lotta Bjuve extends gratitude to all members present in a very nice and personal way. We all thank Annica for hosting and helping with arranging dinner along with Stella. A special thank you went to Monica, who baked Princess Cake for the occasion.

Norfolk, February 16th, 2017